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Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary

Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary is located on 360 acres of jungle in Phitsanulok, Thailand. It is home to a herd of elderly elephants rescued from tourist taxi camps. As a new eco-tourist attraction they needed a strong social media presence to attract visitors. 


Graphic I made to teach sanctuary staff about user-generated and curated content

Content Flow.png

As their intern I worked  on making content that would appeal to potential volunteers, created a posting schedule, and crafted a 'story' for their Instagram page to tell. I also took hundreds of photographs for their future use. My posts performed better than any other content that was posted before my arrival, and were  featured on several elephant conservation instagrams. I also created an organization system for them to share their photography with people. In my spare time I also taught English at a local elementary school. This internship was certainly a life changing experience! 

 Check out my photographs/project notes below

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