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UC Davis Memes

During my freshman year of college I created a meme page for UC Davis students. It started out as a small joke among friends but quickly grew into a campus-wide phenomenon. Eventually I made a group screaming event  during finals week, which attracted students to the quad every quarter.

Video made by a group scream attendee

Through the page I taught myself how to read Facebook analytics, keep track of current trends, and developed an intuitive sense on what content had high potential to go viral. By the time I graduated the page had amassed 10,460 followers with many posts reaching up to 3,000 likes each. I made almost all of the memes myself. The page is still up if you'd like to see it! Fair warning, the memes may be a bit inappropriate as they were made for college students!

My success with the UC Davis meme page inspired me to create a TikTok meme account which has gained 13,000 followers over the past year. 

Check out some of my memes below:

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