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Diatomix started out as team of scientists focused on finding a solution to the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the environment. Their goal was to create a material capable of breaking down these pollutants. They created a new material, Ditanium, which was not only good at filtering indoor air pollution - but odors as well! 

converter no back.png

PAT filter - removes odors and VOCs

HEPA filter - removes fur and dust

Blue LEDs - activates PAT and gives Meko his iconic purple glow 


I joined the team to create a brand for the first marketable application of the technology. This was the Kitty-lytic Converter. An air purifier that removed smells from litterboxes.


As the Content Marketing Manager I wore many hats including:

  • Graphic Designer

  • Copywriter

  • Email Marketer

  • Social Media Manager

  • Community Manager

  • Influencer Relations Manager. 

Website Design and Copy

A video for the website I made using Premiere Pro 

My first task at Diatomix was to overhaul the company website. My goals were to make it more aesthetically pleasing, easier to navigate, and capable of driving sales. I used Wix, designed all graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and wrote all website copy. You can see an archive of the website here. 


I spent the most time developing the Kitty-lytic Converter page. I researched competitor's sites to notice trends in UI and studied best practices. The page was designed to reflect the information I learned. One of the most common trends was use of simple graphs to demonstrate affordability of the product. I made similar graphics for our page using Illustrator.  


The website was a living document throughout my time at Diatomix and I optimized it based on website analytics using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Wix analytics.

KC page web.png

One example of this was the lightbox. Over 3 months we gained almost 1,000 email subscribers which was accomplished with an optimized pop up time based on my own research and website traffic data.


The email list was one of our strongest tools for driving sales.


Having a video as the first thing on the page was important to grab customer's attention. I noticed an improvement in bounce rate and engagement time once I added the video.

Adding order buttons throughout the page increased the conversion rate.


To collect customer feedback I created a survey. From this survey I was able to pull testimonials and observe trends in our reviews. I brought product issues to the team to discuss. 


Easily interpreted infographics and graphs were necessary to translate information to customer within a short period of time. 

Digital Ad Campaigns

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 3.38.57 PM.png

Examples of the ads I created. Designs were optimized for a variety of placements in including Instagram/Facebook stories, short videos, and in timeline posts. 

During my time at Diatomix I directed paid advertisement campaigns using Meta ads manager. I created each campaign from the ground up: designing graphics, writing copy, and setting budgets. Each campaign had significant click through rates with our best clocking in at 10%.

Most of these advertisements were used in A/B testing. This included experiments with keywords, regions, copy and the design itself. The data from each campaign was used to inform the next. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 5.56.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 5.55.42 PM.png

Example of one A/B test I conducted with variations between ad graphics. The white KC performed best. 

Content Creation 


My favorite responsibility at Diatomix was creating content for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and TikTok. 


When I first got the job I wrote a social media playbook. This included overarching plans for content, branding, and research on our competitor's accounts. I referenced this playbook throughout my time at Diatomix, using it to inform our posting schedules, captions, and more. 

Developing a "voice" for our brand was what I loved most about my job. Each platform had slight variations in content depending on their audience. Instagram content was friendly/informative with occasional memes. Linkedin leaned more professional. TikTok occasionally had informative content, but mostly it was eccentric and comedic to reflect the culture of the platform.

My most successful TikTok had over 480,000 views and 80,000 likes.  

I designed all graphics and took a majority of the pictures on our Instagram. As you can see my brown tabby Jiji was featured frequently. She was not a fan of this!

I also managed Influencer Relations. Our most fruitful partnership was with @Hank_and_Kodi who has 104,000 followers. Her and I collaborated on several TikTok/Reels.This collaboration drove many sales - especially during our Black Friday campaign. 

Graphic Design 

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 4.16.47 PM.png

Layout of packaging design

I was the in-house designer for Diatomix. I used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to make designs on demand. Some of these projects included:

  • flyers

  • product packaging/stickers

  • product manuals

  • infographics

  • design elements for the website 


One of my favorite projects was designing the product packaging. I created packaging that reflected the silly/fun nature of the Kitty-lytic Converter.


Finished packaging 

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 4.04_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 4.04_edited.jpg

Design for flyers that were sent out with every product

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