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Three Ladies Cafe


​ Three Ladies Cafe is a vegan-friendly restaurant located in Davis, California. As the social media manager I am solely responsible for creating content for our Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok


Sunroom Renovation


I coordinate with food app liaisons to optimize sales, manage our Yelp/Google reviews, and handle website updates and design. I pick up project requests from the owner too. I've done everything from designing and ordering gift cards to planning an employee farewell party! 


Recently I established several cross-promotional partnerships with other local business. One partnership is with a brand new apartment complex which will be housing hundreds of potential customers starting in Fall 2021. 

Gift cards I designed, these were handed out at the local' COVID testing center as an incentive to get tested



During the COVID-19 lockdown the Three Ladies Cafe owner approached me about renovating our indoor dining space. I was given creative control, a budget of $1,500, and a coworker to assist me. 


The room re-design would be the perfect opportunity to attract UC Davis students to the shop. Prior to COVID-19 our customers were primarily young parents. While they are great customers, we weren't tapping into the much larger student population. The new room design needed to be functional for both groups. 


As a Davis graduate I knew that students were in need of more study spots. So, I decided the room would be both a study spot and dining area. 

I also felt that the space needed a strong aesthetic that matched the quirkiness of the cafe. It also needed to be "Instagram-worthy" to attract students. 

After careful research and planning my team got to work : 
- We removed single seat tall tables and replaced them with footstools and pillows for a comfy spot to work. 
- We added large tables that could seat families or study groups 
- We added large tables near outlets to create study corners
- We added 4 extendable outlets (10 ft max) so students could charge their laptops easily 
- We painted a "Instagram-worthy" rainbow mural
- We added crystals/plants/art to reflect the current trends we saw on Pinterest/Tiktok
- We created an art corner with pieces from local artists 

Since renovation we've had a large increase in student customers while maintaining our connections with our original base!

Room renovation layout sketch


Employee Spotlight


I noticed a decrease in morale at the cafe due to the immense stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted our team-members to feel appreciated. Since we are a small family-run business I also felt this would be a good opportunity to build a connection with our customers on social media. I pitched a employee spotlight program to the owner, and she agreed! 

Every month I feature one of our employees on our socials. The employee has a special named after them for a month and gets a personalized gift basket and card from the team.

These posts have been performing very well. Providing "behind the scenes" information gives customers a personal/small business experience. Our team also feels more valued. Win, Win!

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