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The Marine Mammal Center

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The Marine Mammal Center is the world's largest marine mammal hospital. The Center is responsible for marine mammal rescues along 600 miles of California coastline, as well as the island of Hawai'i. Educating the public on marine mammal conservation is a top priority for the Center. This is accomplished through an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram (25,000 followers) and Facebook (113,000 followers).

As the social media intern for the 2019 - 2020 year I was tasked with creating content, designing donation campaigns, community management, content calendar maintenance, and much more. One of my favorite parts of the job was writing posts/creating  memes which you can check out in the gallery below.  








A highlight of the internship was directing and launching the Center's first Instagram donation campaign which more than doubled the donations received for the organization through Instagram and gained 1,115,453 total impressions over the course of campaign. 

The key to the Instagram campaign's success was exploring our audience demographics. After identifying that a majority of our followers were Millenials and Generation Z I researched their beliefs and attitudes towards non-profits.


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Facebook profile picture sticker I made with Illustrator/Photoshop

Slide from my final project presentation


I discovered that younger generations identify as self-starters and online activists. They want to be more than just passive campaign donors and desire a personal connection with the organization. I kept this in mind when creating the campaign content, and focused on posts with strong 'Calls to Action' and a chance for participation beyond donation.


When I looked at the analytics post-campaign the data supported my hypothesis. Content that focused on audience participation and content that created a personal connection to the viewer performed well and brought in more donations. The campaign proved successful! It was so exciting to explore a new avenue to generate donations.  

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Slides discussing successful posts from my campaign

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