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Digital Design 

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SCUCD winter retreat 2017 promotion, Adobe Illustrator 

I was a design major at UC Davis for two years. Although I ultimately decided to pursue a degree in Psychology, my experience in design taught me skills that I draw on in my work as a Social Media Manager.   

I have in depth experience using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Canva. I can design and code simple websites in HTML/CSS and create videos on Premiere Pro. I have worked with a team to design a product prototype from start to finish. 
Most importantly I learned how to think like a designer. Big problems are no match for the systematic strategy of the Design Process.

Graphic Design

Legacy Poster

Initial Rough Draft

Keith haring PDF rough 3.jpg

Legacy Poster 

Draft 2

Keith haring FINAL.jpg
keith haring PDF.jpg

Keith Haring Legacy Poster Final (Adobe Photoshop, 2017)

keith haring PDF rough.jpg

 Keith Haring Legacy Poster   

Overview: In this project I was asked to encapsulate a famous' artists' career in a mid-sized poster

Software: Adobe Photoshop 

Process: After research on my subject I boiled Haring's art-style down to three essential parts:

  • Most of his work was graffiti/mural art

  • His art was simple/'fun'/accessible 

  • His art contained a sense of movement


I messed around with several strategies ​to achieve this look. I used a photo of Haring to create movement. My use of bright colors/use of Haring's "movement" lines reflected the accessibility of his work. 


After completing draft 2, my professor and met to discuss my progress. She felt that only having one image of his work limited the viewer's understanding of his career. She also asked me to make the piece feel more cohesive. 

I responded by adding:

  • Multiple Haring pieces

  • Buildings in the background to communicate most of Haring's work was graffiti/mural art


To add cohesiveness to the work I borrowed from Haring's art style. I outlined all layers with a thick black line as seen in most of Haring's work. I took Photoshopped pieces of Haring's "movement lines"  from his art to place around his signature instead of using pre-made illustrator assets. 

Results: I presented my legacy poster to the class. It was well received and was chosen to be hung up in the Design Building as an example of our coursework!

keith haring pdf rough draft 2.jpg

Event Poster

Rough Draft

Event Poster 

Draft 2

Keith Haring Event Poster Final (Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, 2017)

For our final project we were asked to create an event poster for the same artist. This time we had to demonstrate our ability to use both Illustrator and Photoshop to create this design. I used concepts from my previous poster while experimenting more with color.

Check out my additional projects below: 

Website Design

wire frame draft.png

Wire frame rough sketch

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 2.16.11 AM.png

Initial digital wireframe (Adobe Illustrator)

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 2.18.40 AM.png

Final wire frame design (Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop)

Check out my live final project for Web Design here. Note the responsive design when the window size is adjusted! To view all of my Web Design homework/small projects you can use this link. 


Overview: The culmination of my website design course was creating a functional personal website. With this project I demonstrated my understanding of UX design, HTML/CSS, and design fundamentals.


Software: Atom (HTML/CSS), Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator 



I began by drawing a simple wire frame in my sketch pad. I then drew the website tree structure with notes on all necessary files I would need to gather.​ I moved my work into Illustrator and created digital wire frames. 


Once the basic outline of my website was established I chose color scheme and type face. I chose a simple-sans serif type face, to give my website a minimalist look. I picked a color palette by using the eye dropper tool on my watercolor art.


I then created final wireframes in Photoshop. After viewing my final wire-frames my professor suggested I simplify them to make the coding manageable. I took this advice by removing the footer image and replacing it with a simple 'contact me' prompt. 


Results: I created a simple portfolio website that showcased my knowledge of website design/coding. 


Overview: In my intro to filmmaking class (which took place abroad in Dublin, Ireland) I was asked to make a 4 minute video for my final project. I was required to use unique audio, specific edits/Premiere Pro tools, and to demonstrate what I had learned throughout the course. 

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro



I got permission from a small artist to use his song for my project. I was inspired by the soothing quality of the song and decided to create a simple narrative of a girl wandering through Dublin. I wanted my video to be framed in a way that each scene could be turned into a photograph and tell its own story.  

I created a basic story board and shot list from this concept. After my story board/shot list was approved by my professors I began scouting areas to film during the day, and assembled a small team to assist with filming at night. 

After filming I carefully edited on Premiere Pro, returning to certain locations to reshoot as needed. 

Results: My video was well received at the mini film festival put on by my class. The musician even put it on his website! 

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